What a shame!

I recently got an eye opening slap in the face. I came to a conclusion today while I was at work that some men really do believe women belong in the kitchen cooking their meals or in the laundry room washing their dirty underwear and not working in public at a job. I was floored by the attitude these grown men were having.

Well here is what happened…

I had a coworker approach me about a recent event that happened while making changes to customers accounts. I was confronted in a “let me talk to you like I’m your father sort of way”. As I tried to voice my concern and elaborate on what was actually done, he clearly thought that I should just keep my mouth shut and allow him to talk to me like I was 2 years old. Well those of you who knows me personally, knows I don’t play that game. No man or woman is better than me and will not treat me like garbage. So unfortunately I had to remind this coworker about my personal policy. I was not mean or vulgar but I was short and not as sweet as usual. He continued to treat me like a child regardless of my requests for him to stop and every time I have to ask him something he’s rude. I can hold my own and deal with a grown man who wants to act like a child.. That’s fine, whatever.

However, it made me think about what men really see in women. Do they only see breasts and domestic skills or do they see women for how intelligent they are and their abilities outside of the home? Its sickening if you think about it because the women in these men’s lives must be miserable. A woman in no man’s property and vise versa (there are some women who think this way of men as well). My husband and I have a 50/50 marriage. He does dishes, I clean toilets; I wash laundry, he takes out garbage. I cant imagine my husband treating me as if I were his maid (he knows it would be a mistake to try, but still), and furthermore I couldn’t treat him like that either. But unfortunately there are still some of that generation of men who treat women as if they aren’t competent enough to change a doorknob. It baffles my mind. Its like being racist to the other gender. I just want to start screaming WAKE UP I CAN WORK CIRCLES AROUND YOU, I DONT NEED YOUR PERMISSION OR HELP!! But I sit quietly let them have their ego trip and move on.

I honestly have no idea how people lived like that. I mean I get irritated when it happens at work but for my own husband or father to be that way.. I really don’t think so! Its a shame that women who are treated this way are scared to stand up for themselves. Its time we stand up and make our stand to these men! No one deserves to be treated with anything but respect! Its just a shame!

Big Girls Do It Book Series

book seriesOk so I read this book series and let me tell you!! WOW what a great read! For those of us who like to read our “naughty” books this is a must! I won’t spoil the books by telling what went on, but I read all four of them in 2 days! They are great, the author keeps your attention, makes you HAVE to know what’s going to happen next. Jacinda Wilder ha written many books and I am on my way to reading each one. I really recommend this author. 2 thumbs up!!!


Anaphylaxis: We need to educate and be educated…

EpiPen2Since I was sixteen, I learned I am deathly allergic to fish/seafood. Just the smell of it can send me into full blown anaphylactic shock. It cuts off my airway, I swell up from head to toe, and my chest starts to hurt. Just the other day I went through this traumatic experience once again. I was at work and they had to call 911. The ambulance came quickly after they learned I had to use my epi-pen. It all happened so fast my co-workers didn’t know how to respond. They began to panic and they did not know what to do let alone how to cope with this emergency. Thankfully I knew how to keep calm and what to do in this type of situation.

This experience with my co-workers got my brain bubbling on the subject. Everyone needs to be aware of allergic reactions, and needs to learn the proper procedures. After watching grown adults panic and not know what to do made me realize how little people know about such a huge emergency. That’s what got me to thinking we need to educate and be educated.

The most common allergies among children are bees and peanuts/peanut butter. I don’t know about others, but in my house we eat peanut butter all the time. How close does any typical child come in contact with peanuts and they don’t even know it? Lent is a terrible time of year for fish, especially for someone who is allergic. I can only imagine how this affects the children around us. Makes me wonder do the schools take the proper procedures, do the school monitors know what to look for, do they know how to administer an epi-pen?

Living with an allergy makes you vulnerable. You never know when a situation will arise and you have to act quickly. Sometimes a situation like this can end up a fatality. It all depends on the person and the pace of getting help. You must always be prepared and ready for such instances. Unfortunately some people have never had to deal with such a traumatic event. That’s where those of us who are aware, need to come out and educate those who don’t know. We need to take control and prepare the people around us. I am a full grown adult and its hard for me to stay calm when everyone around you is panicking and running frantic because they don’t know what to do. Just think of what a child goes through, and they are even more frightened and upset.

It came to my attention as I was getting my prescription of steroids and Benadryl (to keep the allergic reaction from returning), maybe those of us who have an allergy like this need to wear a medical ID bracelet. They are fairly inexpensive and it will help medical professionals know what could be the culprit incase the people around us are unable to assist. I have looked into these bracelets and for around $50 you can get a decent looking one with your information on it to wear everyday. All I could think to myself is $50 would in-fact help if not save my life one day.

Everyone needs to be aware and cautious when it comes to allergies. We need to take the time and educate our schools, work, friends, family, and as many people as possible. But we also need to take proper precautions like the ID bracelet or a letter to the schools so if people aren’t aware they will be. Its up to us who know to be the voice of Anaphylaxis and learn what we can do together to prevent a situation where someone’s life becomes threatened. Epi-pens always come with a “Trainer Pen”. Show people how to administer the medication. Tell people where you keep it just in case. Don’t be afraid to use it in such an emergency. It will save your life!

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